13 April, 2017



We are living in a new era. We are a people in motion, and the distances we travel grow ever larger. From our homes to the countryside. Commuting between cities, countries, and continents. As our daily lives grow more complex, it’s important to keep things simple. We favor independence, but sometimes need a helping hand – especially when we are many miles from home. Every inch of Norrtälje Torn is brand new and modern.

Yet in addition to the many other perks of living here, your new home is also outfitted with an innovative system: TOUCH by Index Residence. A holistic tool that is at your fingertips 24/7 – all you need is the app, which may be installed on your smartphone or iPad. Everything you need in order to live a simpler and more independent life is just a touch away. Simply sign in. Immediately, the digital noticeboard will inform you of what has happened since your last login. You will also be presented with a wide array of “smart” services. Book a “green” rental car. Borrow a boat for a few days. Make a reservation to celebrate a special occasion at Kitchen & Bar. Join a video conference in the Work Lounge. Norrtälje Torn’s concierge is on hand to help you with anything else you may require. TOUCH by Index Residence is an intelligent and eminently practical system, and it’s just one of the included services available to residents of Norrtälje Torn. Life is simpler when you can live as you choose – and that fantastic feeling of independence is absolutely free!

To read more about TOUCH by Index Residence, please visit www.norrtaljetorn.se