Business concept

Our business concept is built on finding and buying unique locations in and around the Stockholm area that are well suited for residential housing. Together with the country’s leading architects, we are creating and building homes that meet needs and dreams. In our houses, more people have the opportunity to live really well. By focusing exclusively on new construction, we can cost-effectively optimize the functions, solutions and details. Within the business idea is also the ambition that Index Residence will distinguish itself from the competition by developing residences of tomorrow that reflect tomorrow’s way of living.


”New ways of living also bring new demands on the hole”

Everything we create and build begins with an understanding of how people – just like you – actually live. This knowledge extends far beyond location, layout, materials and furnishings. The spacious, social kitchen or the bathroom with the right atmosphere has become standard. At Index Residence, we see a weekday where people’s work, leisure and interests increasingly flow together – with the home as the centre of it all.

We are convinced that the way we live will become even more important in the future. And that new ways of living will bring new demands on the home. All of our houses are newly constructed. Together with the country’s leading architects, we are able to satisfy both dreams and needs right there on the drafting table. Index Residence finds and develops fantastic locations. Through smart and efficient construction, you get the kitchen, bathroom, terrace and the light you have dreamed of – and so much more. Quality of life is hard to describe, but once you step over the threshold in any of our houses, we are confident that you will experience it.

Organisation and management

Index Residence has been engaged in the construction and real estate markets in the Stockholm, Sweden area and in Florida, USA, since its founding in 1998. Together, the management team has years of dependable experience in the business. The head office is located in the centre of Stockholm.

Bjarne Borg, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board

Bjarne co-founded Index Residence (publ)  AB together with Fredrik Alama in 1998. An entrepreneur at heart Bjarne launched his first business venture already at the age of 14. He has founded several businesses and held positions as consultant, manager and board member in the fields of sales, accounting, tax, real estate/construction and general business up until launching Index. His strong analytical skills combined with his relentless attention to detail, has been crucial to the development of the company.

Fredrik Alama, Co-Founder

Fredrik co-founded Index Residence (publ)  AB together with Bjarne Borg in 1998. Fredrik started his career with his first property acquisition at the age of 20 and has since been a business entrepreneur. He has a wealth of experience as real estate broker with a highly developed sense of what makes the market tick and where the wind is blowing.

Rickard Haraldsson, CEO

Rickard holds an MBA from University of Southampton School of Management and a BA (Hons) Business from University of Westminster Harrow Business School. Prior to joining Index Residence (publ) AB, Rickard were Head of Corporate Finance at Bankaktiebolaget Avanza advising on transactions such as IPO’s and M&A’s. He has also worked with Grant Thornton as a Management Consultant in Stockholm, Corporate Finance Lead Advisory team in London and at the Corporate Finance department in Stockholm.

Arne Weinz, Member of the Board

Arne is a serial entrepreneur with a broad experience of several branches, particularly the call centre-industry. Arne is also an active investor in real estate, land development and radio masts. Being CEO in two decades he has developed his own leadership philosophy that can be studied in his book “Den snabbaste vägen”. Born 1957 with a Master degree in Industrial Management and Engineering at Institute of Technology in Linköping (LiTH).