About Index Residence

Index Residence is a proud developer with a long and successful history of residential development and has produced more than 1000 units in the greater Stockholm area since the beginning in 1998.

Our goal is to be the best developer of premium homes. We find places with that special potential and in partnership with the best architects we create homes where that potential is realized.

Through innovation and dedication Index Residence strive to develop homes where quality of life is central and that special atmosphere is already built in!

That’s why all Index Residence homes include the lifestyle concept TOUCH. Amenities like on site Concierge and Work Lounge are included, and various services are offered to make your living easier. The goal is to free up your time and give you the freedom to live your life as you wish!

Quality of life is hard to describe. But when you enter one of our homes will know recognize it. You will feel it when you enter the building. You will feel it when you walk through your door. At Index Residence we work hard every day to make better living possible.