Norrtälje Torn: Havstornet


Havstornet is built right on the quay in Norrtälje Harbor, only 15 meters from the water. It stands at 69 meters tall, making it one of the tallest residential buildings in the country north of Kista, and comprises 119 apartments.

All apartments have a balcony or a spacious terrace, with most offering a magnificent view of the water and archipelago or an overlook of the historic center of Norrtälje. It’s a unique building. There are very few places where one can construct such a tall building so close to the water. The reason it’s possible to do so in Norrtälje Harbor is that the building won’t impact the city’s historical skyline. Previously, an equally tall silo stood in the same spot.

We have great confidence in Norrtälje Harbor. Close to nature, with boats just outside your door, yet central; within commuting distance to the city, yet still a bit away; an amazing archipelago; and a cost of living significantly lower than in Stockholm. Click here for more information: