Västermalms Strand

Västermalms Strand is a brand-new district on Kungsholmen. Index acquired the land and accompanying properties in 2005, and 10 years later, an entirely new residential area was completed with 600 new apartments for the people of Stockholm. Västermalms Strand has been a success, particularly in terms of sales—within a year, more than 400 apartments were sold. However, with this project, Index Residence has also demonstrated that it’s possible to build new apartments, especially in central Stockholm, with significant creativity that both enhances the city and improves the quality of life for the residents.

When Index Residence acquired the land, it was a forgotten part of Kungsholmen with worn industrial buildings. Today, we have done justice to the unique waterfront location: Västermalms Strand is now a vibrant district for thousands of Stockholmers who live, shop, and visit restaurants and cafes here. Down by the water, there are quayside promenades, and within the block, there is ample service, childcare facilities, and excellent communication options with the rest of the inner city.