In central Norrtälje, on the rooftop of the office property Pelikanen, Index Residence, in collaboration with Centrumfastigheter, constructed an entirely new neighborhood featuring 18 townhouse-style apartments. These were built atop a rather ordinary two-story building The townhouses that emerged here drew inspiration from English townhouses, also known as residences in urban city environments. This not only created a pleasant living space with a villa-like feel in the heart of Norrtälje but also a new and distinct architectural expression. An ordinary building was transformed through creativity, knowledge, and passion into Fågelnästet – a unique gem in central Norrtälje.

This method of construction is called three-dimensional property formation, which is particularly effective in densely built areas. The townhouses in Fågelnästet are set back from the existing building’s eaves and feature large wooden windows. This way, the new part distinctly differs from the old while preserving and respecting the original architectural concept. Fågelnästet was designed by Olle Rex Arkitektbyrå and was ready for move-in in the early months of 2007.