Mälarhöjdsparken is much more than just a residential building. Here, just south of central Stockholm in a location with excellent transportation options, Index Residence has developed 500 new apartments. Together, they form an entirely new and vibrant residential area on a land plot that was previously somewhat anonymous and forgotten.

This positive transformation became possible because the apartments are built in a thoughtful combination of function and design, but also because they added that extra touch. Between the buildings, there’s also a spa-inspired pool area with an outdoor kitchen and lounge. Here, residents can socialize with family, friends, or neighbors. The area gives Mälarhöjdsparken its character and contributes to a dynamic and lively environment that also enhances the quality of life for the people living here.

The positive response was immediate as well. On the first day of sales, more than 60 percent of the apartments were sold, and within a year, two more buildings were in place. We dare say that Mälarhöjdsparken is one of the most successful residential projects in southern Stockholm.