Norrtälje Torn: Soltornet

Our vision for Soltornet was crystal clear: to create Norrtälje’s finest residential quarter with 87 apartments. An icon and a landmark for a high quality of life. The location is the prime spot, overlooking Norrtälje, and on the other side of the water is Societetsparken with green areas and tennis courts. And just an elevator ride away, there’s the opportunity for both paddling and sailing.

Here, Index Residence created well-planned apartments with open floor plans, spacious bathrooms, large balconies, as well as kitchens and materials of the absolute highest standard. However, the vision for Soltornet was much larger than just a dream home with a lot of heart and soul. The building became an important part of a brand-new neighborhood emerging right here in the heart of Norrtälje. There are plenty of similar projects around Sweden and even in the world to draw inspiration from: central harbor areas where shops, restaurants, cafes, and culture together create a lively and human living environment.

As important as the surrounding neighborhoods is what is offered within the residence itself. Soltornet houses the restaurant Wine & Dine, where those living in the building have access to a high-class restaurant via a separate entrance. Additionally, everyone living in the building has access to a personal concierge included in the “Touch by Index Residence” service concept. Touch offers both car-sharing, bike and boat pools, and a work lounge in the neighboring building Havstornet. The app that belongs to the concept, Touch also provides a variety of services, such as cleaning services, IT assistance, or help finding selected local providers of various services. All to create a dream home where all aspects of life are in harmony. The project was launched in June 2016, and the first move-ins took place in July 2019.